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Microsoft Excel: Level Two Microsoft

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Going beyond basic Excel. This course covers concepts and exercises involving charts. Using Excel as a database. If statements and many more functions.


This training course aims to give foundation level users of Excel knowledge of commands and functions which will make them more proficient in spreadsheet design and development.

Viewing Worksheets

  • Customise view options
  • Display and customise toolbars
  • Hide workbooks and worksheets
  • Freeze panes
  • Group worksheets

More Formatting Techniques

  • Using styles
  • Conditional formatting
  • The format painter
  • Hiding and displaying cells

More Formulas and Functions

  • Using the function wizard
  • Financial functions
  • Correcting formulas
  • Using the error checker
  • Using the auditing toolbar
  • Using the watch window

Absolute Cell References

  • Entering an absolute column and row reference into a formula
  • Entering mixed cell references into a formula

Using Logical Functions

  • Using the IF function
  • Nesting IF functions

Database and List Management

  • Using Excel as a database
  • Sorting a database
  • Using Autofilters and advanced filters
  • Using data forms


  • Creating charts using the wizard
  • Formatting charts

Linking Worksheets within a Workbook

  • Renaming worksheets
  • Inserting and deleting worksheets
  • Creating formulas to link worksheets

Drawing and Picture Objects

  • Creating drawing objects
  • Using drawing toolbar to control objects 

Excel and Other Applications

  • Copying data from another application
  • Using hyperlinks