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Social Media Training Courses

Leveraging LinkedIn Social Media

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LinkedIn is working for many businesses and professionals around the world. Attend this course to understand how to optimise your profile and go from strength to strength.


This workshop will give you an introduction to the Linkedin so that you can start using it straight away within your business and start reaping the rewards.  We will provide you with the foundation from which you can build your social networking presence, extend your sphere of influence and look to gain a competitive advantage.

LinkedIn Profile Pages

  • Best practice set-up: Optimising your profile photo, headline and summary section for best results
  • Recommendations: Best practice for building a bank of high quality recommendations
  • Endorsements: Managing endorsements effectively to boost your profile performance
  • LinkedIn Professional Portfolio: Maximise use of rich visual content to showcase your experience
  • Profile strength: Clear guidance on how to achieve the highest profile strength on LinkedIn
  • Who’s viewed your profile: Best practice use of insights and visual analytics to grow your network
  • Company-wide profile strategy: Developing best practice across your employee base

LinkedIn Publishing Platform

  • Content planning: Content strategy best practice for engaging your target audience
  • Promoting posts: Tactics and tools to promote your posts on LinkedIn and the wider web
  • Headline optimisation: How to drive traffic with headline copy best practice
  • Evaluating post performance: How to make the most of LinkedIn’s publishing dashboard

Building A Targeted Network

  • Benefits of building a targeted network: Understanding the business benefits of growing a targeted community
  • How to achieve high visibility on LinkedIn: How to boost your search and profile visibility by growing your network
  • Current contacts: Extend your network easily across your email contacts
  • Invitations to connect: How to draft personalised invites to maximise success rate
  • Introduction requests: Step-by-step guidance on sending successful introduction requests
  • Promoting your LinkedIn profile: Full overview of marketing tactics to grow your network of contacts
  • Offline-to-online: Utilising offline marketing and PR activity to grow your LinkedIn community
  • LinkedIn Search: How to get the most out of LinkedIn’s search tool to reach your target audience

LinkedIn Messaging

  • Best practice: How to best use LinkedIn’s email messaging function to engage your network
  • Message content: Topics and message themes to deliver best response
  • Frequency: Tried-and-tested timings for regularly contacting your contacts without inspiring fatigue

LinkedIn Company Pages

  • Establishing a presence: Setting up a branded LinkedIn company presence effectively
  • Visual branding: Best practice use of banner images and logo design
  • Customise your company page URL: How to brand your URL for marketing purposes
  • Company page administration: Managing your company page admin rights on an ongoing basis

Company Page Updates

  • Targeted updates: Targeting your updates by company size, industry, job function, seniority or geography
  • Hashtags: Best practice to extend your reach and drive ongoing engagement.
  • Twitter photos: Checklist to ensure your Twitter photography delivers top results.
  • Incorporating links: How to best post links and make effective use of link shortening tools.

Content Strategy

  • Content calendar: How to build a working content plan to boost efficiency and drive result.
  • Multimedia content: Best practice on integrating rich content into your updates
  • Peak performance: Advice on what types of updates drive most engagement and visibility in newsfeeds
  • Company update analytics: Full guidance on the metrics to watch to gauge performance

Growing A LinkedIn Company Page Following

  • Active employee involvement: How to ensure consistent associations between your employees and your company page
  • Employee promotion: Company-wide strategy for employee base to promote company updates
  • Convert customers to followers: How to integrate your page into your wider customer communications
  • Multi-channel promotion: Advanced tips and tricks to promote your company page

LinkedIn Content Strategy

  • Establish objectives: Setting clear goals and targets for your content
  • Content calendar: How to build a working content plan to maximise results from your posts
  • Copy style: Keeping a house style that drives ongoing results
  • Calls-to-action: Best practice inclusion to maximise traffic generation and conversion
  • Post frequency: Best practice for planning the number of posts per day
  • Post scheduling: Priority times to post to maximise engagement
  • Content type: How to best plan your mix of image, video and other multimedia content
  • Creative development: How to creatively plan content to maximise community engagement

LinkedIn Pulse

  • Full overview: Understand the full workings of LinkedIn’s personalised news service
  • Content optimisation: How to get your content published on Pulse

LinkedIn Groups

  • Setting up your own LinkedIn Group
  • Business benefits: Full overview of the marketing opportunities offered by LinkedIn groups
  • Focus topic: Researching and determining a topic for your group to maximise results
  • Open or closed group?: Guidance on best practice
  • Blocking individuals: How to prevent competitors joining your group
  • Search visibility: How to ensure maximum visibility in LinkedIn and Google
  • Group policy: Establishing a working group policy to regulate ongoing activity
  • Promoting your group: Proven techniques for organically growing a targeted community
  • Discussions: Instigating and managing LinkedIn Group discussions
  • Manager’s Choice: Best practice promotion of best performing discussions
  • Group announcements: Best practice use of email announcements to your group members
  • Group management: Designating admin responsibilities across your team