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Marketing with Tumblr Social Media

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What is Tumblr? How can I use it? This course covers these questions and much more. Look at creating posts with text and photos. Customising your blog. Taking the next step.


The course walks through creating an account, setting preferences, choosing a theme, and adding Facebook and Twitter integration, as well as creating audio, video, and text posts and publishing posts remotely. The course also covers working with pages, creating page templates, and tracking blog traffic.

Getting to Know Tumblr

  • What is Tumblr?
  • Who uses Tumblr?
  • Creating a Tumblr account
  • Touring the Tumblr interface
  • Setting up your profile and preference
  • Learning the Tumblr blocks
  • Understanding Tumblr followers

  • Understanding Tumblr likes, reblogs, and notes
  • Blocking and unblocking users

Customising Your Blog

  • Choosing a Tumblr theme
  • Upgrading to a premium theme
  • Adjusting basic appearance settings
  • Adding your logo to your site
  • Adding Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Working with advanced options

Publishing with Tumblr

  • Creating simple text posts
  • Creating photo and photoset posts
  • Creating quote posts
  • Creating link posts
  • Creating chat posts
  • Creating audio posts
  • Creating video posts
  • Saving posts as drafts
  • Editing multiple posts at once

  • Publishing remotely via email
  • Publishing on a mobile device

Working with Pages

  • Working with Pages
  • Finding themes with page templates
  • Creating your own page templates
  • Linking to pages in Tumblr
  • Inserting video and images into pages

Taking the Next Step

  • Finding theme marketplaces
  • Installing a premium theme
  • Editing posts using Markdown
  • Creating multiple Tumblr blogs