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Twitter Tweet Know How Social Media

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Twitter is everywhere and everyone is using it from celebrities to your existing and potential customers. Attend this course and maximise your Tweeting.


Thousands of brands are using Twitter along with countless SMES and more consumers than ever are demanding greater levels of interaction and connectivity, but how can Twitter really add value to your communications strategy? This hands-on workshop will provide you with in-depth insight into the innovative ways to harness the power of Twitter. Discover how grab the attention of your target audience as well as how to use Twitter to enhance your campaigns.

  • What is Twitter and why has it become the phenomenon it has
  • The ground rules; the major do's and don’ts about creating a business profile on Twitter.
  • Etiquette on Twitter
  • Who to follow and why
  • Establishing and keeping followers
  • Using Twitter to build your brand
  • Tweeting style and tailoring it to your company
  • Driving visitors to your website through Twitter
  • Generating leads through Twitter for offline follow-up
  • Twitter trends
  • Achieving your company/organisation goals on Twitter