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Selling with Pinterest Social Media

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Pinterest is a social media platform which has gained a tremendous following. Learn how to leverage the power of this platform.


Our popular Pinterest course provides you with the knowledge and skills on how to develop and implement a full-scale strategy. You will learn how to use Pinterest to increase your traffic, boost your brand awareness and generate sales.

How Pinterest Marketing Works

  • Find out how to create a strong brand on Pinterest
  • Learn settings like connecting with Twitter/Facebook
  • Get the vital understanding of Pinterest legalities/terms of service policy
  • Learn how to gather research for your optimal and branded Pinboard themes
  • Discover six simple steps to protect your business on Pinterest
  • Find out what you can learn from your ‘competitors,’ ‘influencers,’ others
  • Learn how to create non-boring boards – what are engaging names and descriptions, how to promote your boards and exploring etiquette
  • Discover how you can save time while building your brand and going after your goals

Developing Your Influence

  • Learn how to use your Social Media connections to build your Pinterest followers
  • Learn how to develop the conversations around your brand/business Learn how to develop the conversations around your brand/business
  • Learn when to pin and/or repin, or not
  • Discover how to use #Hashtags and why it can bring you traffic
  • Discover how to find, follow and generate followers
  • Use the top five ways to stand out from the crowd
  • Learn how to create and run Contests that promote your business/blog/brand


  • Find out how to master the Pinterest process
  • Produce and use a simple but effective ‘Editorial Calendar’ to stay focused
  • Learn how to create landing pages that give deliver a clear call to action that you want
  • Find out what the top ways to generate revenue on Pinterest
  • Get your hands on the new tools, tricks and tips for scheduling and tracking your performance