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Social Media Training Courses

Digital Marketing Strategy Techniques Social Media

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Develop your social media strategy by understanding platforms, planning content, understand legalities, current usage rates, developing narrative. It is all required in this online world.


Social media represents one of the most significant changes in consumer media behaviour in history, resulting in fundamental shifts in the way marketers communicate and interact with consumers. This course provides the practical knowledge and insights required to establish objectives and strategies, properly select the social media platforms to engage consumers, and monitor and measure the results of these efforts.

Social Media Overview

  • Current marketplace: A complete overview of the current UK social media landscape
  • Usage rates: Overview of the current trends of social media adoption in the UK
  • Getting up-to-speed: Full overview of the most up-to-date online trends and developments
  • Location, location, location: Analysis and advice on the growing proliferation of location-based social media tools

Establishing Your Social Media Objectives

  • Business opportunity: Understanding the business case for social media marketing
  • Setting a clear business objective: Methodology for determining your chief objectives

Social Media Strategy

  • Planning: Developing a successful social strategy for your brand or client
  • Integration: How to effectively integrate social activity into your current comms plans
  • Ethics: Guidance on the codes of ethics and expected methods of engagement online
  • Legalities: Understanding the legal constrictions of engaging in social activity
  • Resourcing: How to resource social activity effectively
  • Productivity: Proven time-saving tools and techniques for engaging high volumes of social media sites

Audiences For Social Media

  • Audience segments: How to split your audience into different groups, linked to your business objectives
  • Audience personas: Guidance on developing profiles for each of your audience segments
  • Location: Advice on how best to determine your audience’s social media habits and platforms of choice.
  • Audience research: Recommended tools to research key topics and themes and driving conversation

Social Media Content Strategy

  • Planning: Developing a successful social media content strategy for business
  • Content calendar: How to build a working content plan to boost efficiency and drive results
  • Style guides: How to ensure brand consistency across all of your content initiatives
  • Post frequency: Best practice for planning the number of posts per day
  • Post scheduling: Priority times to post to maximise engagement

Platform Strategy

  • Platform selection: How to plan content distribution across relevant social platforms
  • Platforms overview: Understanding the merits of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and others

Creative Planning

  • Creative development: How to creatively plan content to maximise community engagement
  • Storytelling: How to develop narratives and story arcs to trigger higher audience attention & recall
  • Multi-format: Increase audience information retention by delivering content in multiple formats
  • Simplicity is key: The importance of concise content & execution to deliver your messaging
  • Driving engagement: Tried-and-tested techniques for maximising audience response


  • Role of messaging: Understanding the role of messaging in ensuring content delivers desired results
  • Message matrix: How to create a balance of key messages that reflects your business objectives

Social Media Analytics

  • Platform specific: Full overview of free proprietary analytics tools available on all social platforms
  • Measurement tools: Advice on the free tools available online for tracking social activity