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Instagram for Business Social Media

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This course explores how Instagram can be used as a real business tool to engage existing and potential, new clients. Photography and video are covered.


This half-day course details the ins and outs of Instagram and how to use it as part of your social media marketing strategy.  We will show you how to post photos, graphics and videos to Instagram, and how to add descriptive tags, captions, and location information. The course also offers insights on how to build a community of followers, and how to interact with potential customers.

Instagram Strategy

  • Creative planning: How to creatively plan an Instagram strategy
  • Bringing it together: How to sync Instagram with other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Legalities: Understanding Instagram’s evolving legal constrictions for marketing & PR activity

Instagram Content Strategy

  • Content calendar: How to build a working content plan to boost efficiency and drive results
  • Post frequency: Best practice for planning the number of posts per day
  • Post scheduling: Priority times to post to maximise engagement
  • Content type: How to best plan your mix of photo and video content
  • Creative development: How to creatively plan content to maximise community engagement

Instagram Community Management

  • Community engagement: How to best engage with your Instagram community and manage negative comments
  • Community growth: Proven techniques for organically growing a targeted audience on your Instagram Page
  • Statigram & Nitrogram: Best practice guidance on recommended community growth tools
  • Offline-to-online: Utilising offline marketing & PR activity to grow your community

Instagram Photography

  • Photography best practice: Expert advice on producing your own standout photography
  • Filters: Guidance on Instagram etiquette on photography filter use
  • Top photo apps: Full overview of third-party photo apps to boost your photo performance Pixlr
  • Photo types: Guidance on top performing shots to drive engagement
  • Photo policy: Creating a best practice photo policy for employees to follow

Instagram Video

  • Video best practice: Expert advice on filming your own standout videos
  • Editing: Step-by-step guidance on Instagram’s video editing tool
  • Video filters: Best practice use of Instagram’s filters to boost video quality
  • Cover image: How to select the strongest cover still to drive views
  • Cinema mode: Maximise use of Instagram’s video stabilisation feature
  • Instagram Video Vs. Vine: Understanding the benefits of each platform


  • Hashtag selection: How to choose the most appropriate hashtags to maximise engagement
  • Hashtag research: How to analyse user activity to highlight niche hashtags to drive performance
  • Hashtag monitoring: Monitoring conversations around your hashtags and best practice response


  • Photo contests: Best practice for incentivising customers to post photos about your brand
  • Promo codes: How best to use to reward engaged customers and increase performance

Instagram Product Marketing

  • Content types: Full overview of photo & video options to promote your products
  • Behind the scenes: How to bring your brand to life with Instagram

Instagram Web Profiles

  • Web vs. mobile: Understanding the nuances of Instagram’s web presence
  • Image links: Best practice use when sharing Instagram content online
  • Traffic generation: How to maximise traffic to website from your Instagram web page

Instagram Account Management

  • Instagram tools: Latest technologies to better manage your Instagram activity
  • Resourcing: How to designate responsibility and activity across your team or agency resource
  • Productivity: Proven time-saving techniques for managing Instagram activity

Instagram Measurement

  • Metrics for success: Tried-and-tested metrics for measuring performance
  • Measurement tools: Advice on the free tools available online for tracking Instagram activity