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 Marketing in the digital sphere is a complicated process, however, it isn’t altogether unlike traditional marketing. So, you start your digital media campaign (whether with AdWords or through a social media company), thinking that it would be similar to a traditional marketing campaign and set it loose on the world. You expect engagement. You expect page visitors. You expect sales. You get none. What have you done wrong, you wonder?

1. By Not Targeting Your Audience
The biggest mistake that you can make is not Eddie, who won the hearts. Whatever company you have, you have an audience. You do not appeal to “everybody”. Knowing what niche to target is the key to getting engagement. The top online companies, like Facebook or Google, have the demographic information of their users. When you pay to advertise with them, you choose who will see your ad. Work your niche instead of trying to appeal to all, and you’ll have a greater engagement for your ad-campaign.

2. By Not Being Consistent
When you begin an online campaign, it must be well thought out and, most of all, it must be consistent. This means that both your content must regularly be posted and it must be posted across all mediums. Don’t fall into the trap of copy-pasting the same post for every single social media, however, as this will not work. Whether you’re writing a Tweet or an article for you blog, ensure your content is relevant and offers something of value to the reader.

3. By Not Communicating
Customer service is crucial. You won’t get anywhere by not responding to your audience and making them feel valued. Take Southern Rail, for instance, whose twitter feed is usually filled with angry, disgruntled passengers who suffered from cancelled or delayed service. Then came along Eddie, who won the hearts of their followers and the Internet.

You should also consider networking with your customers and clients; you should also consider speaking to those knowledgeable in your field. Having a mentor can do wonders for your business, especially if they worked in the digital marketing field.

4. By Having Poor Content
Having poor content will also get you flagged by Google’s algorithm and will ruin your online reputation with your viewers. Having great content is the first step in increasing your page’s ranking in Google’s search results. There are many tips and tricks to use with SEO that are better than putting money into AdWords. For example, use a digital marketing agency that knows what it is doing to get the best results. Be the #1 search result in the long term, not for how long you’re paying for the privilege, and find that you will become the leading influencer in your field.

5. By Not Having Great Landing Pages
The biggest mistake is to have a great campaign and then have a poor landing page. This is where you’re sending everyone to, therefore, it better look great, land them whether you promised it would, and more. Do it for your audience, and do it to stay in Google’s graces.

The truth is, there are so many secrets and tips and tricks for marketing yourself in the digital world. Use professionals to give you an edge. Focus more on long-term solutions that will increase your visibility over short-term and costly marketing campaigns. You cannot afford to learn by trial and error.