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The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more likely they are to buy something or consider using an offered service. Even if you are getting high volumes of traffic through good backlinks, if the visitors only stay for ten seconds you are not going to be reaping the rewards of these visits. A further consideration is that Google prioritizes sites that engage visitors for longer, so if you are featuring far down in search results yet getting a lot of hits, it could be that you are not engaging your guests properly. Read on for top ways to improve your stay rates.

Make sure your website looks good

The top reason that people click off a site is because it doesn’t please them. Simple, right? If you are unsure yourself of how the website comes across, consider running a focus group and trying to discern directly from your target audience what their problem with the site is. Remember that to grab people immediately, you should be putting all your best content above the page fold, i.e. the first half of your website before having to scroll down.

Make sure your website works well

You could have the best-designed website in the world, have spent hours crafting it or paid a lot of money for it, but if it doesn’t load or the design is squashed, any casual surfer will click straight off. Make sure that any website you launch can be viewed from multiple browsers and is compatible with mobile and tablet users, remember that these make up a significant proportion of internet users. If you notice something is awry, sort it out immediately as you could be losing precious customers. Finally, make sure that unless you have your own server, which seems extreme for most businesses, the quality of your hosting package will determine how well your site loads. For a reliable service click here and have a look at the packages on offer.

Make Sure Your Website Appears Professional

To retain visitors, do not overuse ads and make sure that ads are not placed before you enter a site. This turns people off quickly, unless you are a very large company that can afford to make people pay to enter. The site itself should appear trustworthy, especially if you accept payments on it. Nobody will enter their details if even the smallest suspicions are aroused. Although it is easier than ever to build a website yourself, you might want to think about outsourcing part of the process at least. Graphic design and branding, for example, is not something that anybody can do and a DIY website will lose you business. Period.

Inject Some Personality

Cold, austere websites might work for some companies, however, for small businesses, having a personal touch to your website will increase the amount of time a visitor will spend on your website. Create an engaging story, and introduce yourself: list your hobbies, and why your company is important to you. Consider running a blog and make your site even more individual.