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Technology advancements have shaped society almost beyond recognition, but one sector that has suffered as a result is the non-profit charity sector. As we move towards a cashless society, cash payments are declining rapidly in Britain thanks to contactless technology, which is cutting off a lifeline of donations as people just don’t carry cash. Therefore, due to a cashless society, collecting donations online is vital.

Email marketing is responsible for one third of online fundraising, and is a way for non-profits to use technology to their advantage. Use your email marketing strategy to raise awareness of your Giving Tuesday campaign; just by adding a video can increase open rates by up to 13%, and conversions to make donations by 21%.

The more you engage with existing donors, the more likely they are to become repeat donors and help you reach your fundraising goals. In the USA, the annual Giving Tuesday event has enabled non-profits to see their donations rocket from $12M in 2012 to over $250M in 2016, whilst Giving Tuesday is gaining more visibility and momentum in the UK.

Email automation allows you to send regular reengagement communication, that is personalised using the data that you collected from your site signup form. As simple an act as personalising the subject field increases as personalised email campaigns can be segmented based on the demographic and past behaviour of the recipient. Marketers have found that email revenue increases by 760% using segmented campaigns.

Consideration must be given as to the design and format of the email being sent and of your website. 51% of people open their emails and browse websites via their mobile device: it is, therefore, imperative that your website and email are mobile friendly. Charities need to make sure their chosen email platform creates and sends e-mails that look great on any device. - by having a mobile responsive website, donations increase by 34%.

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