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It will undoubtedly have taken a great deal of time and hard work to finally open your first office. For this reason, you will want to ensure you make the right decisions from day one of moving into your new workspace. To do so, read the five factors to consider when opening your first office.

1. The Facility’s Requirements

Don’t invest in a space because it has tall ceilings, plenty of light, or exposed brickwork. Select an office based on the needs of your business, before you look at its aesthetics. Take the time to consider what you will need from the space, and how both you and your employees will function each day. For example, is it large enough to grow alongside your business? Is there space for a meeting or conference room? Does it feature a kitchen area or break room? Does it offer enough bathrooms onsite? All these questions must factor into your decision before signing a lease or rental agreement.

2. The Business’s Budget

An office might have all the space you need to get started, but does it match your budget? The last thing you will want is to end up in the red before you have even got your business off the ground, which could result in the closure of your business before you know it. Before you start looking at office spaces, determine a maximum budget you can afford each month, and don’t be tempted to go over it or you might struggle to keep up with the monthly lease or rental fees.

3. The Location

Location is important when selecting an office space. Not only must it be easily accessible by car or public transport for both your employees and clients, but it will also need to feature car parking facilities. Also, the address you choose can sometimes factor into a client’s decision to hire your services, as they will want to work with a reputable firm in a flourishing area.

4. The Office Design

The office design can determine productivity levels and employee morale. What’s more, it will provide most clients with a first impression of your business – so you must ensure you appear to be a forward-thinking company. The layout, paint colour and furniture can therefore determine the atmosphere in the workplace, which is why you should consider a professional office interior design from STOiCA Office.

5. The Company Culture

Have you given a thought to the company culture? If not, now is the time. The company culture you choose will determine the atmosphere and design process, as you will need to incorporate elements to reflect who you are and what you do. For example, do you want to offer a creative, unique space like Google? Or do you want to encourage focus and professionalism by creating a relaxed yet reserved workplace? Know what you want before you start the interior design process, so you can create a space that is synonymous with your business.