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Whether you are a seasoned marketing expert looking to expand their cross-channel options, or perhaps you are new to the world of digital, it can be daunting to know where to start when it comes to planning an effective campaign. Digital marketing is incredibly fast-paced, and competition can be fierce, meaning that you have to keep your eye on the ball and stay ahead when it comes to the latest online trends. Whatever the nature and market of your business, it’s essential that you make sure your digital marketing strategy is watertight. Check out these top tips to ensure that your efforts are rewarded.


The way that consumers are interacting and engaging with marketing materials are changing. In fact, video remains one of the top trends in digital marketing – so if you aren’t already exploring how video could be used on your website or social channels, then you risk getting left behind. With both Facebook live and Instagram live stream changing the way in which companies can position their products and services, make sure that you start doing your homework to produce some optimal video content as part of your digital marketing plan.


If you thought emails were going out of fashion, then think again. Email is a valuable tool when it comes to digital marketing. From creating your own email newsletter to email invitations, this is an essential tool that should form part of your marketing toolkit. Easy to create and schedule in only a matter of minutes, don’t dismiss email marketing if you want to ensure that your overall campaign remains a resounding success.

Social media

You might have already tapped into the potential of social media, or perhaps you thought this was just a hobby for millennials, but social media is most definitely here to stay. The beauty of social media is that it’s a low-cost, easy to manage digital tool, meaning that you can schedule posts and campaigns even when your entire team is out of the office. Plus, social media is the ideal channel if you are looking to use some zany colours or wacky imagery too. This is the perfect medium if you want to run some fast-paced campaigns. Remember, that social media isn’t without its risks too. You will need to ensure that you have a crisis communications plan in place just in case anything goes wrong.

Get Googling

Google trending topics can be a digital marketer's best friend. Not only can you watch which items, news stories or topics are trending around the world, but you can also ensure that your campaign or strategy is tapping into these to achieve maximum results. Google trends can help you see specific trends at different times of the year, enabling you to plan your yearly marketing plan accordingly. So if you aren’t already using Google then now’s the time to start.

Digital marketing is a lot simpler than you might think. In fact, it doesn’t take much effort to launch a digital campaign, providing you follow the above tips. So make sure that you explore video content, create your email invitations and get your social media ready in time for 2018 and beyond.