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Chris Combemale, CEO of the DMA Group, explains:

“The technology at the disposal of advertisers and marketers is more powerful than ever, but with powerful technology comes great responsibility and accountability. For too long, we have accepted intrusive, inappropriate and at times creepy ads online, but Google’s adoption of ad blocking software is an important step in rebuilding trust with consumers.”

Combemale continues: “In May this year, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will modernise the way companies collect, share and use personal data. At its core, the new legislation embeds the core principle of Accountability and strives to achieve a balance between protection and innovation. At the heart of this is the notion that businesses should always consider the impact on customers of their actions. Google’s move sets a minimum standard, but I would call on all organisations to embrace the principles behind GDPR and always think of the customer first.”