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Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of a digital marketing strategy and if it is done right then a business can reap the rewards with evergreen and shareable content for years to come. There are countless articles, blogs, social media snippets and eBooks being published every second and breaking through this barrage of information can be a daunting task for any company. Before even attempting to create something, you have to ask the question, why does anyone care about what you have to say? This statement might sound blunt but with the mass of information on offer on the web, how do you expect to people to react or even see your content if you haven’t got a plan to outreach and implement it according to your target audience habits?

The theory behind quality content marketing isn’t just a case of writing something and hoping someone will see it. Instead, it involves a process of researching what people are interested in, seeing how your business can fit into this and how you’ll get people to see your finished content. Looking further into it, how will this piece of content drive sales for your company too? All of this is a process that should be well thought out and incorporated into a well-oiled marketing strategy to help boost other areas of the business, so what can you do to invoke a reaction and boost those company sales?

Take a look at some of the ways content marketing can help generate those all-important leads and bring new and existing customers back to your site.

Evergreen Content and Guides

It’s common knowledge now from recent updates and experts in the marketing sector that search engines want to give users the most useful and relevant information available at the point of search. With this in mind, if the information on your site is out of date or time related, it will fall out of the rankings as fast as a bolt of lightning. Evergreen content is robust and informative information that can stand the test of time. It comes in many forms including short blogs, handy guides and chunky whitepapers. This content isn’t purely for promotional purposes either, because who wants to read line after line of discounts and offers and how a business tells readers time and time again that they can sell you a product or service. ‘Salesy’ articles don’t work for the purpose they are written for, and that’s to sell. Readers will be put off straight away by anything deemed overtly selling, and most of the time this type of content make for a boring read, so what should you be producing to get people hooked?

Content should be tailored to your audience in the first instance unless you are trying to reel people in from a completely different demographic. Researching and analysing what type of visitor goes to your site will help you develop a plan and a persona to write for. With this in mind, if you’re looking to convert new people using these personas, outreaching to these will also help get your content into the right hands. Developing an identity with professionals such as That Web Look and help to define your brand. Also when you write your content for the user and not the pure benefit of how it can make the company money, it will appear more natural and newsworthy than promotional articles.

Outreach is also a huge part of content creation, and if you’re not getting your finished work in front of the right people, no one will ever see it. Not only does it need to be optimised for search engines, but it also needs to be shareable and enticing to read. Catchy headlines, although not clickbait titles are most effective as this tells the readers in a sentence exactly what they are getting before they open it. If it doesn’t excite, then you can say goodbye to that reader in an instant.

Evergreen content also doesn’t need a standout call to action, as this, in turn, can put people off. It has to be informative and research-rich and give the audience exactly what they want but with a natural push to explore the site further. If you let the customer think they are making the decision, you’ll reap the rewards of effective leads and potential sales.

User-generated Content

You don’t have to go far to see how brands have successfully used user-generated content to build brand awareness and drives sales to your organisations. For example, when Coca-Cola released personalised bottles, everyone went crazy trying to find their name in this bottle of fizz. With the campaign included snaps on social media, and customers were sharing these images the world over helping to drive multi-million dollar sales. While you might not be in the realms on Coca-Cola for marketing budgets, but this is an area you can’t ignore. Many people say they would trust a recommendation from a real person rather than a brand promotion when buying products so how can you incorporate this into your marketing strategy?

Using influencers is one way to work with user-generated content, and the number of everyday people with social media followers reaching huge numbers is a great way to drum up natural content for your marketing efforts. There are different scales of influence to consider too and if you’re looking for local clout, searching closer to home is key. For wider audiences, people that have a wide following both nationally and internationally can help to push products if done right. However influencer marketing is in its infancy, and for new business, budgets can be hard to determine, as return on investment is not guaranteed or predictable.

There are several ways in which content marketing can generate leads. Other examples include creating eBooks, hosting webinars and producing consumer-based reports that tell the success stories of your products and services. Getting this area of marketing right could help you reap the rewards of quality and convertible leads to boost future sales.