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You’re not alone if you’re someone who’s facing hardship and setbacks within your business. It happens to the best of people. The first step is recognising that you’re struggling, and trying to brainstorm solutions for getting your feet back on the ground. Do not give up or throw in the towel.

Whether it’s your strategy, marketing or lack of employee training, there are resources and resolutions out there for just about any business problem. The key is being open and willing to admit you’re facing adversity and aren’t able to do it all on your own, without some initial push or education. See ways to overcome common business struggles.

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It will undoubtedly have taken a great deal of time and hard work to finally open your first office. For this reason, you will want to ensure you make the right decisions from day one of moving into your new workspace. To do so, read the five factors to consider when opening your first office.

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Are you fighting for a place in a competitive industry? If so, you must identify and execute the best marketing tactics to become the competition. Find out the five ways to make your business stand out online.

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6 Things Every Start-up Business Needs

Launching a new business can be a little bit daunting. Yet, a little preparation can make the process a whole lot smoother. To help your new enterprise get off to the best possible start, we’re providing six things every start-up business needs.

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Call us now on 0151 653 3338 or email info@designated.org.uk to discuss making your site appear secure in Google Chrome.

If you have been following our emails and the news on the Internet regarding this, you will be very aware that Google have been trying to get websites more and more secure.

It started at the beginning of this year with exclamation icons in the address bar advising that if you were not operating HTTPS with a certificate then your data has not been secured. 

Websites that show "HTTP://" at the beginning will at some point within October 2017, display an actual "NOT SECURE" message against the address bar at the top of Google Chrome.

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