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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Use CRM technology to organise and automate customer service, track and manage sales, provide opportunity management, Sales promotion and marketing analysis.

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is where you take your everyday conversations with customers and contacts, suppliers, what you hear on the grape vine into a structured and organised management system.

CRM enables you to work in a customer centric way allowing you to create relationships between contacts, record potential leads either from bought in data lists, mergers, tradeshow business cards, track and care for the customers that potentially want to buy via opportunities, schedulg service delivering of your resources and log issues or concerns that customers raise.

Combine this with marketing, dashboard reporting, exporting to systems such as Excel and not to mention that your whole department or even organisation is running CRM and working with the same data and information, possible all or restricted to their level means that you are able to steer your organisation and focus on people and activities that return the biggest or most strategic results.

We have created systems that run entire organisations, locally, nationally and also internationally. CRM is huge! Harness it ... because your competitors already have!

You can buy our services either as: 

Option A a) An independent interim project manager or consultant - either on the client or suppliers side allowing for a smooth and successful project or to step in and take control of a project that requires this type of input.
Option B b) You require a CRM solution and would like advice and guidance on whats available. Industry standard CRM solutions are very similar, however, there are differences that make one fit better than another. We can even organise and implement the solution on small scale projects.
Option C c) Be your CRM consultant and implement your CRM solution by working with your IT department or 3rd party Implementation organisation.
Option D d) Provide training, knowledge transfer, training material, via classroom, via Internet etc... Even design and deliver the entire training programme. Leave it to us.

So as you can see... we are here and able to help in any situation. Even IT companies that need CRM expertise to strength their brand, we white label!

Dynamics CRM has been gaining ground with each version and is now becoming the CRM solution that businesses, corporates and government organisations are looking towards.

Lots of power. Lots of functionality. Heavily customisable and a Microsoft product. 

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GoldMine is a very mature CRM product that started in the early 1990's. It has grown to be one of the top CRM solutions of choice and was even selected as the launch partner for Microsoft Vista. The solution has nearly 2 million users and goes from strength to strength.

Out of the box CRM ready to go with some truly powerful features included.

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There are several CRMs being utilised at this time. Some of these solutions are stand alone and self contained where others are a module that comes as part of another system.

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