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Database and System Development

Our seasoned team can even help you get your system accessible to field staff and other offices giving you real time up to date information.

Database & System Development

We have been developing systems and database for private businesses and large corporations for many many years. 

Systems require that we do the following: review every day tasks and the steps taken to achieve success; look at multi step processes that have so many stages that human error is nearly unavoidable; analysis complex procedures that require exactness and consistent correct calculations and quantify the huge volumes of data that most organisations produce without even realising the scale.

We then design a system that: improves efficiency; reduces human errors; ensures correct procedures are adhered to; allows for a team or organisation to take on more work, clients, or larger contracts/projects.

We are able to make a significant improvement and impact on what can be every day run of the mill jobs and procedures. Such as: order management; customer contact; contract fulfilment; service scheduling; packing & delivery. Or we can enable an organisation to deliver what is contractually required and unfesable without an appropriate management system such as: 'Just In Time' ordering; multichain centralised ordering & reporting; hurricane disaster predictors & response systems.

Wherever we can we use everyday technology and try to avoid spending providing your existing tech allows for a suitable, robust, industry standard solution. For example Microsoft Access is an extremely scalable full rapid development platform. As Microsoft developers we can even arrange that you can run our MS Access database solutions on hundreds and even thousands of computers without having to pay for Microsoft Access. One of our clients has been able to operate the many systems that we have developed for them on 5000 computer workstations avoiding an approximate cost of £500,000. This is because they do NOT need Microsoft Access on their computers. They only need the ability to run our fully developed systems.

Have a look below at a very tiny sample of past projects to help you understand how much of a difference we can make to your: turn over; bottom line; efficiency; level of human errors; ability to work on large contracts & projects; grow your business.

Contact us today and we will be more than happy to discuss your challenges or just initial thoughts. View the bottom of this page for screenshots fo our work.

SQL Server and HR Reporting

SQL Server Development and HR Reporting for Lime Pictures.

 Lime Pictures Logo Hollyoaks

Lime Pictures is an award winning production company that produce shows such as 'The Only Way Is Essex', 'Hollyoaks', 'Geordie Shore' and many more.

We provided SQL server development on their existing SQL farm to deliver a batch of new reporting requirements for their HR system. 

The end solution included modifying ther SQL Server database, establishing links to the data source, custom extraction of certain key data that had to be transformed as its natural stored form was an alternate format for other line of business applications and Microsoft Excel was used as the reporting interface offering filtering, pivot tables, unique and related data.

Technologies used were: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL server, Microsoft Office 365 - Excel, VPN & remote access tools.

EPOS & Order Fulfilment

Electronic Point of Sale for shop front, website ordering and backup office management

aline mobility logo

Aline required a systemisation of the main processes within their organisation. We worked with Aline and mapped out the various parts of the process we could interact with and where systemising would be of benefit.

The solution that was developed and implemented within each of the stores worked as follows:

a) EPOS system was implemented into all stores allowing for barcode scanning, ordering, payment of 'over the counter' items in a tradtional shop way.
b) Website to allow for their catalogues of products and services to be viewable and the ability to purchase.
c) Back Office system was linked to the website and therefore all shop, telephone and web orders were centralised and progressed via the same team and in the same way reducing human error.
d) Service scheduling of installers and engineers was implemented and worked across all orders and created services visits and diaries.
e) High level of reporting & visbility from any ordering method and a combined view of turnover for the organisation.

Technologies used: Windows Server, MS SQL, MS Access & VBA, PHP, MySQL, Joomla.

Just In Time Ordering

JIT manufacturing supplier link system.


We were required to design, develop, implement and support an ordering system that was available within Delphi and their Large Global automotive client for 'Just In time' ordering of parts and entire systems.

A WAN link was created between the customers premises and Delphi and dedicated terminals were secured and segregated from normal network operations to form part of the entire system and solution.

Microsoft Access was used as the Front End that would provide alerts, order requests, standard reporting and a messaging system between the two parties. The system initially was piloted as a pure MS Access with VBA solution and upon being successful, the data was moved on a MS SQL environment with high availability and the power of MS SQL was used to improve the stability of the system and to deal with the large quantities of data that was being processed in the 24/7 operation.

The system was so successful that Delphi began implementing versions of the system for other major clients within their portfolio.


ERP system for Manufacturing organisation.


BMB required a management system that would undertake Sales Order Processing, Budget Planning & Forecasting, support simngle parts and sub assemblies, provide resource management, support the manufacturing process, integrate with Sage Accounts and have a high visiblity of reporting via many KPIs.

The system had to be remotely available throughout the U.K. and allow BMB to understand the bottle necks in their manufacturing process and tune each stage of production.

The final solution met all of the requirements. It allowed each phase and station within the process to be monitoring, reported on, improve upon timing and ultimately improve the accuracy and reliability of advising and meeting clients order deadlines.

A much higher level of reporting and visibility of the process has allowed BMB to improve efficiency, reduce material wastage, improve resource planning and grow their customer base and standing within the manufacturing industry.

Self-serve Intranet & desktop COSHH System

Intranet & Desktop accessible 'Control of Substances Hazardous to Health' System for manufacturing plant.


Vauxhall Motors approached ourselves as their preferred supplier of Database and Information systems to provide a central point for the employees across the entire site to access COSHH information.

The automotive manufacturing site has several buildings and blocks with specific manufacturing & processing within each area, so the information and substances vary. New suppliers are brought on and new modifications agreed weekly and monthly, so the system needs to be continuously updated and to manually administer the distribution of this key information continuously is unrealistic.

The requirement included desktop application & Intranet access of the information. We developed a full application using Microsoft Access as the desktop solution with Microsoft SQL server as the database engine. We employed & implemented a developer version of Microsoft Access resulting in hundreds of thousands of pounds being saved by the Company.

For the web based access we used Microsoft IIS server to host the website that we developed to gain access to the Microsoft SQL server with a later project seeing this upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint server.

Technologies used were: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SharePoint Server.

Astra Pilot Management

Pilot build management system for pre-launch


We were required to take the existing system, processes & reporting that were used to run the 'Pilot Build' process foe each launch and model year face lift of the Vauxhall Astra within the U.K.

The end solution was Microsoft Access based a front end with integrated Microsoft Excel for external Analysis and sat on Microsoft SQL server as a database engine and db server. Oracle was integrated as this housed the 'Global Quality Tracking System' for the parts available through the network as this was a key part to running through the pilot process.

MS SQL reporting services was also used to gain a wider level of understanding of what was achieved during this phase of launching a new car/face lift.

Barcode scanning and printing played a big part in the Kanban process and the end solution reduced the amount of time to just under 10% allowing Vauxhalls to complete additional 'dry runs' before main production.

The system was so successful that is was also implemented and supported in Poland, Houston and Germany.

Marine Services Management System

Spreadsheet management system for local office use and field operatives managing the process of tanking loading, offloading, supervising discharging and more services.

Stanton Marine spreadsheet

Stanton Marine required a solution that would streamline their services across the world. Many parts of the service required tasks to be completed at the main office, satellite office within a foreign country, onsite upon a vessel and with local law.

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet solution was developed that would allow major parts of this process to be put into specific procedures with steps that would alternate depending upon the situation. The system was able to be deployed to remote offices and field operatives allowing for appropriate calculations and reports to be produced once main office had approved and vetted the details.

The system allowed Stanton Marine to first prototype the process on smaller, semi-predictable contracts & projects proving the logic and suitability of the system. Once the system was accepted then larger multi-part projects were taken on allowing the organisation to grow in its offerings and capability to deliver a world class service.

Stock & Order Management

Stock control & Order management for labelling company.

The Label Factory Example

The Label Factory approached ourselves to design, develop and implement a system that would assist them with their stock management as their clients, such as Tesco, were asking the organisation to store larger quantities of their containers as part of the labelling contract that was already in place.

This presented a challenge as this would mean an efficient process was required for storing stock and prediction of empty space, whilst also managing an increase in demand and order volume. This naturally required a review of their existing management systems.

Once we had undertaken design and specification meetings, the design and development of the actual system, was over a very short period of time and the investment fee was less than The Label Factory originally predicted. Putting the time in at the design & specification phase can pay dividends on the overall investment amount.

Systems for everyday Challenges

Simple & complex solutions for everyday challenges such as timesheets and invoicing!

Contracts, Quotations - Management

Simple forms and simple tabular spreadsheets do not deliver. Developed systems do!

Simple Systems for Simple Challenges

Simple & complex solutions for everyday challenges such as timesheets and invoicing!

Asset Management and System Security

Full GUI developed for the end result. No system experience required!

Complete Reporting - Dynamic

Full system reporting allows smarter decisions to be made with information readily available!

Quotations/Orders and Scheduling

Service scheduling, Ordering, Quotations can all be brought into the same few steps!

Link systems such as Web and Back Office

Bring multiple databases and systems into one set of Interfaces/Screens for easy administration!

Touchscreens, Scanners and Peripherals

Tablets, PDAs, Smart Phones, Till displays, Touchscreen terminals... allow for systems to be widely used!

Customise, Configure & Enhance existing

Customise existing systems with enhancements or parallel solutions!