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Types of Training & Delivery

Accredited, Non-Accredited, Certificated & Customised Training.

Types Of Training

Training Onsite at your premises
Classroom Training
Customised content
E-learning & Online

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Classroom Training

A structured syllabus of topics delivered to a group of people seeking the same knowledge

This is what many refer to as the most traditional form of training. At Designated Associates we run regular scheduled courses that operate in this format allowing groups of people at a time access to excellent training consultants, tried and tested content and to acheive self development by working through exercises, practicals and key questioning as part of the delivery.

This can sometimes be the most cost effective form of training for a large amount of topics when accessed with very small numbers as it is charged for on a per delegate rate. For larger groups, then a custom classroom course may prove cheaper as this is charged for on a custom course basis which is cheaper the more people you place on the course.

Contact us today to discuss attending one of our excellent, highly favoured public scheduled course or to arrange a custom training session or even a larger training programme which is completely tailored to organisations goals and excellent value for money.

On-site at your premises

Exclusive training for you and your people

With our on-site training options we will bring you the best atmosphere for expanding your learning. All courses will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and your people.
Our on-site training is the natural choice when your needs are more specialised, e. g. when issues and problems must be resolved or projects must be completed more quickly. We prepare you and your people to work as a highly skilled and knowledgeable team to give you an edge on the competition.
In addition, our "in-company-service" is cost effective. The courses are only as long as they need to be in order to satisfy the objectives. Designated Associates' training specialists travel to the delegates so that expenses are saved. Let us come and show you a cost comparison – the best is not necessarily the most expensive.


Discover the ever changing and fascinating world of learning

We offer workshops as a way of providing concentrated training sessions on predetermined topics.
The workshops are a strategic forum enabling participants to explore and challenge their own current thinking on business related subjects.
In addition our workshops are a valuable method to keep you up to date in a constantly changing environment.
In a relaxing and concentrated atmosphere you can become familiar with all the computer packages you wish to use. You can also deepen your knowledge in discussion with experienced trainers who are always at hand to help you.
Take advantage of this way of learning by contacting us.


Together we can solve problems directly

A surgery is a chance for your people to get advice on specific problems relevant to their roles within your business or upon a particular subject.

During the surgery, we maintain an appointment schedule of people bringing their "live" problems to the training consultant. Together we develop and discuss solutions, honing the skills of the participants.

Our surgeries are flexible in content, place and time. If you need guidance for work related topics or approaching projects, please contact us.


Mentoring is a supportive and inspirational relationship based on trust and mutual respect and benefits accrue to both participants

In association with Excellence Mentors, we provide superb mentors in a variety of Excellence areas.

We have been providing mentoring to our clients both large and small for 20 years and many find this an excellent method to tackle challenges.
Mentoring can be on a one to one basis with an employee, manager, exec or in groups called peer mentoring. 

Mentoring is one of our standard chargeable services and proves to be extremely popular on larger programmes where certain individuals do not have the spare time to dedicated to training days or might even be appropriate as part of the delivery.

We regularly align ourselves with other organisations and schemes and are sometimes able to provide free mentoring services to organisations and/or inviduals unable to pay for commercial mentoring services. These relationships are fruitful and we have received countless excellent feedback.

Contact us today to discuss either Mentoring via a customised programme, individual basis or to discuss suitabililty to receive FREE mentoring.

Internet & Video

A new way to supplement a training programme or to supply our excellent services to branches anywhere in the world

This method can comprise of online video learning with trainers available via technologies such as Skype and even discussion forrms.

This is a great way to ensure the good message spreads throughout your organisation both local and far by supplementing your training programme with course review questionnaries, tutor support, video tutorials and animated and responsive learning aids. Everyone learns differently, so to supply additional material in this fashion really does allow you to harness the power of your investment in your people.

Contact us to discuss empowering your people through the enhancement of your training programme(s).

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